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Our toys are handpicked, tried and tested, and packed with educational value across science, tech, engineering, art, and math fields. Oh, and we provide free shipping.


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What are STEAM Toys?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math.

These educational toys represent a comprehensive approach for educational play, which give children true and applicable skills for their future. Encompassing and refining a wide variety of vital life skills such as spacial awareness, mathematical cognition, and fine-motor skills, these toys prepare children for practical and essential tasks in their academic and professional future.

Why Choose us?

We are used to walking into a store, and more often than not – our kids will choose what toy they want. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that they will go for brand-name toys with no educational value. Guess what happens next? They play with the toy for a few hours or days, and then it finds its way to the pile of forgotten toys in the corner of their bedroom. As parents, we are left feeling powerless over what our kids are getting out of their playtime experience, and we often feel that this was money NOT well spent. STEAM Toy Center gives you the opportunity to browse the carefully thought our categories, and choose toys that are suitable for you and your children. All our toys are handpicked, high-quality, and jam-packed with educational value. We also deliver worldwide, with 100% free shipping on all our products!

What Types of Products do you Provide?

We provide a variety of STEAM toys for ages 0-14, covering a spectrum of multifaceted educational value. For example, check out our best-rated product for infants – the DIY Building & Construction Toys or the unique Bedtime Story Torch Projector for ages 3+. For older kids you will be able to find a variety of DIY Building & Construction Toys for hours of fun, and a variety of Science Toys, Math Toys, and so much more.

There is truly something for everyone, across a variety of categories, all organized by interests such as Puzzles and Robot Toys, or by Age

How are the prices?

At Steam Toy Center we have direct relationships with suppliers in order to provide the end-customer (you), with the cheapest prices. Instead of factoring in all expenses of a shop into the toys themselves, we make sure that the supply chain is as short as possible, so you can gain access to quality and affordable educational toys – delivered straight to your doorstep.

What if I need help?

Taking great care of our customers is our absolute top priority. Whether you have a question about a product, or wish to enquire about returns and exchanges, you will always find what you need at Steam Toy Center.

Shipping can be slower due to the Covid-19 situation that is currently slowing everyone down, but rest assured that you can track your shipments at any time, and we will always be here at your service.