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Bioenergy Science Toy Kit


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Use the energy from a potato to make a simple battery and operate a clock! in this experiment, the potato acts like an electrochemical cell that converts chemical energy into electrical energy due to the properties of copper and zinc. This is what makes the ions move between the metal strips. This package comes with a clock, wires, copper plates, and all other child-friendly tools so your kids can conduct safe and fun experiments using real fruit and vegetables. This toy is perfect for kids ages 8+ as it helps develop their scientific knowledge, analytical skills, concentration, and focus while they are in the process of experimenting with their very first bioenergy kit.

  • Item Type: Metal Strips
  • Material: Plastic, Metal, Electronic Components
  • Colour: Multi

Package Includes: 

  • 1 x Pc



54 reviews for Bioenergy Science Toy Kit

  1. E***n

    доставка месяц, еще не пробовали, времени нет. надеюсь испытаем отпишусь, выглядит нормально, положили в почтовый ящик.

  2. U***l

    For children an interesting thing.

  3. Theresa McDonald

    Good product, recommended store.

  4. Billy Robinson

    Perfect thank you very much

  5. Susan Baker


  6. Lorena Mora

    All in series must be linked as the diode works at 3 V and each pair pulls 0,9

  7. Michał Kubiak


  8. Abhinav Saxena

    accurate product

  9. Лидия Федотовa


  10. Adorján Rebeka


  11. Tufayyur Ahelluc

    For lighting I want to see

  12. Peri Bülbül

    We couldn’t succeed but keep trying

  13. Maéva Delaunay


  14. Oliver Ryan


  15. Anton Schmitz

    Super fun for kids!

  16. Alan Wells

    Excellent! My kid is happy))

  17. Diana Pinto


  18. Петко СТОЯНОВ

    I’m very satisfied

  19. Madalena Monteiro

    Good product, not tested. Thank you.

  20. Константин Овчинников

    Item excellent

  21. Макс Кабанов


  22. Mouad Mezyan

    thanks alot

  23. Debra Robinson

    Thanks working

  24. Борис Яблоков

    The light is too weak

  25. Василиса Тимофеевa

    Everything works

  26. Лина Лазаревa

    Everything is fine, on a pear 1b

  27. Марина Кузнецовa

    I got a month until i tried

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